Timișoara, 1989

In the bus stop 33 a board:
82 percent of people from Timisoara have forgotten. Have you?
I’ve forgotten if Leia Sorin had brown hair

He has no picture at the cathedral. We have no saints
people didn’t die in jail
nothing happened in 89
except for no more school uniforms
and we burned the cravats

Pitesti = Dacia; (Roman Braga + Sorin Leia + Sandu Tudor + 1234 deads = Iliescu, Basescu, Constantinescu
Arsenie Papacioc is praying for everyone’s salvation)

I believe that Sorin had dark hair / hyperbolised in my mind
slightly Christ like and maybe beautiful – if I hadn’t looked at
his face in February
recently dug out of the common grave
with one metal eye (7.62 mm)

(Trans. Florina Luminos)



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